April 18, 2014

He does not talk about his fears

He does not talk about his fears, about his deepest dreams, and what frightens him the most. I am so tired - of running - he said... Here, this comes back to haunt him, literally, when the old woman forces him to confront the 'lies within'. [Me thinks, someone has spent a little too much time in psychotherapy. It makes me want to curl into a little ball.

He dreads loneliness, and silence, and darkness, and hopelessness. No home, no friends, but the sole company of the vacuum, and the whisper of her goodbye. I must confront my fears with strength. Well, yes. It's going to take strength and then some. There should be no hope left, but he still loves her.

The tale unravels like a Greek tragedy. The third eye is often a symbol - Athena, surging from the forehead of Zeus. And Athena, goddess of wisdom, reveals herself to the hero, illuminating his path and his inner self - self-knowledge his strongest weapon in battle. In the epic tradition, the war must be fought inside as well, and the hero must sacrifice what is dearest to his heart, and make an impossible choice, often guided by a divine figure. He must come to term with destiny, and stop struggling against it. In his case, he both trusts in fate, and makes the choice to go after her, to learn. He didn't keep her waiting for very long.